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Columbus Platform Tennis League Information

This will be the eleventh year for the COPTA League. There will be two leagues this year - a 3.5 and a 4.0. After a successful year in the 3.5 League, Brookside is moving their top players up to the 4.0 league. Teams that had been in the 3.0 League will now play in the 3.5 League.

Captains will use PlatformTennisZone this year to prepare line-ups prior to coming to the match, share line-ups when they arrive, and submit their scores after the match. The Home captain is to report the scores.

COPTA 4.0 League Results for 2022-23
Matches Won / Lost
Match Winning %
Scioto Men 4.0
10 / 3
New Albany Men 4.0
8 / 5
Lakes Men 4.0
7 / 5
Worthington Hills Men 4.0
6 / 6
Brookside Men 4.0
5 / 7
Elysium Men 4.0
3 / 8
Swim & Racquet Men 4.0
3 / 8

The emphasis is to not have court defaults, but it is up to the captains to determine if match timing can be adjusted to allow play to take place. Teams should not ask for delays in order to get their best line-ups on the court.

COVID-19 will likely never go away completely, but hopefully the 2022-23 season will not be hindered with restrictions or numerous defaults due to illness.

The playoffs are changing this year. Each league will have a four-team playoff that will be held on March 5. The four teams in the 4.0 League with the highest Match Winning % will face off. In the two-court, 3.5 League, the four teams with the highest Court Winning % will meet in the playoffs. With COVID-19 being less of an issue, all teams will be invited to attend the playoff / party. Players must compete three times in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs. (Defaulted matches do not count toward this total.)

COPTA 3.5 League Results for 2022-23
Courts Won
Courts Lost
Courts Winning %
Lakes Men 3.5
Scioto Men 3.5
New Albany Men 3.5
Swim & Racquet-SM Men 3.5
Brookside Men 3.5
Swim & Racquet-MP Men 3.5

Players can always "play-up" from a lower level league to complete a line-up. This is also a great way to evaluate new talent. For this reason, it may be better for captains to position their lower level teams to have more players.

There was an attempt to have an Open league last year, but there were not enough players to compete at this level. 4.5+ players typically have their own opportunities to play, but if a team has a 4.5 player(s) who wants to compete in the 4.0 League, please coordinate that with the other captain. If the opposing captain does not have sufficient firepower to make it a competitive match, it may be for the best to leave the 4.5 player at home. Most guys; however, want the challenge of facing the better players so this has not been an issue in the past. The key to using the higher level players is good communication between the captains.

While these are Men's Leagues, women are welcome to compete at the 4.0 League level.

WHCC - 4.0 Champs - Click to enlarge

The captains (and co-captains this year are: AJ Mangan - Caleb Hatcher (Brookside), Tara Meadors (Elysium), Mike Lindell - Sean Byrne (Lakes), John Archer - Shaun LaJeunesse (New Albany), Bill Cseplo (Scioto Country Club), Rob Martin (Swim & Racquet), and John Lindaman (Worthington Hills Country Club).

The 3.5 captains are: Eddie Pauline - Neil Johnston (Brookside), Rusty Storrer (Lakes), Sean Morrison - Eric Verbic (New Albany), Matt Skellan (Scioto Country Club), Shawn McKenna - Jon Cartlidge (Swim & Racquet-SM), and Michael Plessinger (Swim & Racquet-MP).

Click to obtain the contact information for the League Captains.

The schedules for each team are available via the Team Report pages.

Brookside 3.5
Brookside - 3.5 Champs - Click to enlarge
Swim & Racquet-MP
Swim & Racquet-MP - 3.0 Champs - Click to enlarge

The cost to participate this year is $150 for the three court, 4.0 team, and $100 for the two court, 3.5 teams. Clubs may charge whatever they wish from their members. Please get these checks to Rob Martin. Each club will pay the same fixed amount, but captains will determine the amount for each team. The cost will be dependent on roster size, club fees, balls, food, etc.

The teams that won their respective leagues last year were Worthington Hills in 4.0, Brookside 3.5, and Swim & Racquet-MP in the 3.0 League.

Tournaments in 2023 Season

Some of the major tournaments scheduled for this season include: Cleveland Masters - November 12-13; Midwestern's (Cincinnati) - January 14-15; Columbus Open - January 27-28; and Peachtree Open (Atlanta) - Feb 18-19; and The APTA Nationals - March 9-12.

More pictures will be added as the season progresses. Please note that the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them. Names are included to promote the camaraderie of platform tennis. If you would prefer that your name not be listed, just let Scott Gerber know.